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Booking | Kapcsolat | tel.: +36 33 541 972 | Fax: +36 33 541 973 | 2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 10. | GPS: N47deg E18deg 4413.44min



Once upon a time, at the end of 10th century bishop Adalbert could get harbor in the hospitable royal court of prince Géza. The hotel with his name waits it's guests with similar hospitality to get both physical and mental recover and experiences.

The hotel is situated ont he slope of the Castle Hill of Esztergom in a wonderful, silent garden. Ideal environment for recovering people, for buisness people, for conference guests, and pilgrims. All the religious and cultural facilities and museums of Esztergom are nearby. Esztergom is been an important city at Danube for about 1000 years. Crossing Maria Valeria bridge is easy to reach historical and cultural cities of Slovakia.


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