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Booking | Kapcsolat | tel.: +36 33 541 972 | Fax: +36 33 541 973 | 2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 10. | GPS: N47deg E18deg 4413.44min



Primate Cellar

Primate Cellar Tourism and Wine-cultural Centre opened its doors under the Basilica Hill in Esztergom as an exclusive complex. Touristic Visitor Center and Souvenir shop Wine-tunnel Restaurant, cafe and terrace Winery Exhibition

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St. Adalbert Restaurant

Our restaurant provides great culinary experiences. The multiple kitchen offers traditional hungarian and international courses and you can order even vegetarian specialities. The panoramic grill-terrace in the wonderful garden could be a place for garden-parties.
The restaurant serves not only the different events, but is a high quality self-service restaurant too.

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Prímás Pince Szent Adalbert Központ

Széchenyi PihenőkártyaÜdülési csekk

Magyar Szállodák és Éttermek Szövetsége

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